Why do guys go for the bigger things?

Why Guys for the bigger things

Goodbye ‘real’ women, hello fake ass bitches!?

Ask any guy today who his fantasy sex partner is and listen to his reply… names like   Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and K. Michelle will pop up. These replies have everything to do with the physical appearances of these famous ladies (even if it’s a known fact that some have gone under the knife to look the way they look).

amber rose butt

Amber Rose

Men are more about what they see, I get it but what happened to a woman’s heart, her behavior and domesticity? What happened to those idle characteristics? Did you guys throw them off the window or you just don’t care about the inside any longer?

Which man won’t go for a thick a** girl rather than a skinny model (no offence)? Just because you have those long straight legs and pretty face doesn’t mean you’re cute (still, no offence) but men today want the ‘real African woman’ who has big boobs, round big butt and that tiny waist. I bet men will tell you why.

“Figure 8 is everything. A girl with all those right features is my queen. I can only imagine what I can do with her in my bed…” a reader confesses to me.

Another guy claims, “They make me feel African. I don’t like skinny girls. For me, they are too bonny and fleshless. That’s the way God made them, I get that but I also have a choice.”

blac chyna butt

Blac Chyna (People)

A real African man loves real African things and that includes, the food he eats, the lifestyle and the women he prefers. It’s no surprise that some of these “real African men” don’t get exactly what they want as far as female partners are concerned but who stops them from having them as side chicks or even fantasize about such big girls?

“I just love a woman whose butt can bring out the beauty of a jean or fitted skirt. It’s heavenly,” a male reader tells me.

But by loving such figures, have men put women in an enormous pressure to have big butts, boobs and tiny waists? Unfortunately, the answer is yes!

“Most women who come to my gym want bigger butts and tinier waist lines. It’s crazy how far they would go to achieve that,” a fitness trainer explains. “Squatting is very important to every [shapeless] woman. If you can try to do that every day, it’s great,” he added.

To be honest, “men have pushed most women into the gym or personal work out sessions. The pressure is undeniable and women have fallen for it so bad that some have developed low self-esteem in the process. Women who don’t have these big features turn to see themselves as unwanted or unsexy and it’s a shame because every woman is sexy,” the gym instructor shared his personal views.

I would agree with the fitness trainer. It’s sad how some women have lost self-worth by just comparing themselves to others who are round-figured or thick. Will men ever stop wanting their fantasy women? No! But can women end their lives if they think they are not sexy enough for the right guy? Yes, they can.

My advice to any woman who thinks she’s not good enough is to stop this minute! Who told you are not good or sexy enough? Start telling yourself you are amazing, you’re sexy, you are a dating or marriage material. Nobody needs to validate your beauty or sexiness. You’re beautiful the way you are and if you feel you’re fatter, bigger or shapeless, get into a gym! Do some running. Buy fitness DVDs or watch “Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian”. Get to work and stop with the whining!


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