Why is Cameroon absent on global music platforms, Agbor Gilbert Ebot asks


Agbor Gilbert Ebot is on a mission to find out the perfect way to which Cameroonian music can be fairly distributed and respected by international music platforms such as MTV Base and Trace TV Network. But his mission has been met with contractidory reactions of some entertainment stakeholders.

Famous film producer, Agbor Gilbert Ebot and music entrepreneur, Wax Dey, singer Salatiel and many others are going head to head on social media trying to find the perfect solution to the distribution technique for Cameroonian music on international music platforms.

Both Cameroonian entertainment stakeholders are on separate sides of the coin when it comes to where could Cameroonian music thrive perfectly on the international scene. How can musicians take their music global? Who has to open their doors to the #237music ?

Agbor Gilbert took to Facebook on June 23 to share a recent conversation he had with MTV Base [maybe with an executive] where he demands why the popular African music network has completely snubbed Cameroonian music but continues to patronize specific countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Kenya.

In his post, Agbor Gilbert mentioned the reason why a global music platform like MTV Base wouldn’t play music from Cameroon, put the music on rotation or play Cameroonian music outside the Francophone category despite many of the artists singing in both English and pidgin English languages.

Of course his post was met with so many reactions including that of Music executive, Wax Dey, Music superstar, Salatiel and others. Enjoy the read.

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