Will Cameroon ever free herself from nothingness and mediocrity?

cameroon and midiocrity
We are all Cameroon’s Public Relations Officers (PRO) knowingly or unknowingly. Everything we do or say about Cameroon has the potential to either destroy or celebrate our country. So many people in the diaspora tend to bash and say the nastiest stuff about this country.
But let me ask you these question: Where did you study? , which country gave you the certificate that permitted you to go work/study abroad? Which country honed you into the person you are, ready to take over the world and be a survivor?
Which Country gave you the best cuisine you’ve ever tasted in your life ? Which country taught you about cohabiting with total strangers and not loving them any less?
Albeit, there are things certainly wrong with the country, a lot actual… BUT that shouldn’t stop us from being our own cheerleaders. That shouldn’t stop us from admitting we’re unapologetically CAMEROONIANS. That shouldn’t stop us from telling the next person about how amazing Cameroonians are and all.
I’ve seen so many people on social media deny they are Cameroonians and tag themselves as Nigerians or Americans etc.
There is also a special category I call CINO (Cameroonians In Name Only). This group accepts they are from Cameroon alright but don’t want anything to do with the country. They are quick to point out all the ills but don’t do anything, I mean anything, no matter how small to begin to make things better. So, what exactly are you doing?
Nigeria has successfully branded their country by using their entertainment stars and skills. They own the biggest platforms on social media and give us a reason to want to open up the internet everyday. Check this out:
1. The Shaderoom 
2. Funny African Pics
3. Maraji 
4. Dr.Craze 
5. BellaNaija
6. LindaIkeji
This could be us. We could easily be the number 1 in Africa because of our bilingualism but we are sleeping. Cameroon isn’t even at par with half of the misfortunes Nigerians have in terms of corruption, food , water and power scarcity, load shedding, poverty, crime rate etc… But they have decided to OWN their Narrative and tell it like it is.
The best PR is being original and staying true to who you are. The world will adjust and dance to your tune eventually.
So CAMEROON! Flaws and all, are we ready to accept us for us and just celebrate our messiness? In doing so, we harness the unlocked potential that is in the sunken place, that place our society has trapped us in, a place of nothingness and mediocrity.
“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence,” Vince Lombardi.
Written by Mbacham Santha
Writing and producing content is my life! I mean...10 years of working experience can do that, right!? Follow me @joanngomba

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  1. Sophia

    May 6, 2018 at 7:47 pm

    You’ve said it all. May God bless you for telling it like it is. Proudly Cameroonian and wouldn’t want to come from anywhere else.

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