5 fun facts about “A Man For The Weekend” movie

syndy emade a man for the weekend

Syndy Emade is about to premier one of her biggest and most anticipated movies yet – A Men For The Weekend – and there’s more to the film than you know.

A Man For The Weekend,  starring Nollywood actor, Alexx Ekubo and Cameroonian superstars; Syndy Emade, Nchifor Valery and Solange Ojong is one of those movies believed to come and change the way movies are been premiered in this country.

The film premiers at the Canal Olympia, Douala on October 28 and at the Hilton Hotel, Yaounde on November 5. It promises to host many international celebrities from USA, UK, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa.

But here five fun facts about Syndy’s next big film:

a man for the weekend cover

Syndy Emade ready to premier A Man For The Weekend movie cover

1. Inspiration behind this film

The story is been inspired by Syndy Emade‘s life! Is this a true life story? The actress/producer confirms to us that her new movie portrays that beautiful young woman [like herself] who is so drawn into her work that she fails to see what’s rightfully in front her – love! “I am 90% into my work that I most times fail to realize true love or those loving me,” she says and adds that the film also touches parents who do not let their children speak out about they feel about love and relationships just because of their own notion about marriage.

A Man For The Weekend movie photos

2. Costuming also speaks volumes

“A Man For the Weekend” is about a young female workaholic  named Candice Ayuk who borrows a man just to impress her mother on a weekend trip. Ok, let’s focus on the fashion. Syndy went for the best – EB Kreations – to give Candice an elegant classic look for the film. “Candice is a modern day workaholic. Her style is classy and elegant, not so glamorous. She’s very simple but pays attention to details,” Syndy explains her character’s fashion sense.

“Looking at the story, EB Kreations was the first person who came to our minds.  We were trying to tell a story not only through our movie but through the makeup and the costumes. She did not only give us quickly what we wanted but her finishing and how well she works,was exactly what we needed. She was the one we wanted for this specific movie and she didn’t disappoint us. She practically brought out my character perfectly well in all costumes that she made,” Syndy praises her designer.

A Man For The Weekend bts

A Man For The Weekend bts

3. A-List Production Team

Syndy Emade needed the best and had to go for the best hands in the business to give her what she wanted. She called in Ecrans Noirs winner, Achille Brice to direct, Rene Etta as her DOP and Anurin Nwunembom as the acting coach.  What better group of talent did she need again?

A Man For The Weekend movie photos

4. How long was the shoot?

“A Man For The Weekend” was shot in Douala in ten days! God damn it!

a man for the weekend movie

Syndy Emade, Alexx Ekubo on set of “A Man For The Weekend movie”

5. How did Alexx Ekubo get on board so quickly?

Syndy met Alexx Ekubo  while on a trip to Lagos, Nigeria and told him about her film. “I had three people in mind but he was the first on my list,” she tells us.

“He was very excited to come work in Cameroon once again. He loved the story. So I chose him because I wanted to cut across the Nigerian market and the only way to do that was to have a perfect collaboration between Cameroon and Nigeria, and it wasn’t just to get someone [like Alexx?] but I needed someone with talent and who is also commercial in the market. So Alexx to me, was the talent and commercial face I needed,” she explains.

Watch “A Man For The Weekend” official trailer below:


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