Is Syndy Emade Cameroon’s best actress?

syndy emade best actress cameroon

Syndy Emade is leaving a huge mark on the film industry  in Cameroon as not just an actress but she’s pushing through as a film producer, model and well-loved celebrity. But has the amount of work she’s done so far labelled her as Cameroon’s best actress?

It may boil down to what the word “best” really means in today’s entertainment world and given the fact that she stands in a big box full with worthy opponents, people may beg to differ.

Syndy has been named “Best Actress in 2016” by The Scoop and the award came from the number of work she’s been putting in all through 2015-16-17. Acting movies in and out of Cameroon as well as producing two films – Rose on the Grave and most recently, A Man For The weekend featuring Nollywood star Alex Ekubo.

Syndy works hard to stay focused on her job and to prove to herself she can do the impossible and still be the celebrity her thousands of fans love and adore. Making movies is definitely not the easiest job on earth,

“Producing my own films is a lot of work. No one should tell you otherwise,” Syndy tells DCODED TV. “It is time consuming and could leave you drained. I mean, it’s now my priority to tell my stories in a way I think is best. It occupies most of my time so much so that, I have pushed my modeling business to the side,” she adds.

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Syndy Emande and Alexx Ekubo

Syndy Emade and Alexx Ekubo on set of “A Man For The Weekend” movie

Syndy, like her fellow counterpart Yvonne Nelson from Ghana, is taking film-making business very seriously; using it as a powerful tool to get her country a place on the international scene. But she can’t do it all by herself, she’s created a team.

“Cameroon is blessed with talented people, talented film makers, directors and screenplay writers. I have a team of people I work with. People I listen to. People who see what I see and are ready to join hands so we transform dreams into reality. I can never do this by myself. I need others who are willing to push Cameroon forward via film making,” Syndy admits to us.

Syndy Emade cameroon film industry

Syndy Emade at a film workshop with Penjo Baba

When it comes to popularity in Cameroon film business, Syndy may be the country’s most known face and to make sure her brand stays relevant, she’s a very active social media user – always feeding her fans with the sexiest pictures, updates on her work and vacations. Fans just can’t get enough of the star. Yet she seals her lips on bad comments or rumors about her relationships.

“No one should put his or her relationship for public display except that’s what you really want to do. To me, my love life is private and is supposed to be no body’s business just as I don’t go prying into other people’s businesses,” Syndy explains.


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Syndy Emade Valentines Day

Syndy Emade stuns on Valentines Day

There’s no doubt that juggling work and relationship is hard work for someone as young and ambitious as Syndy but it’s a huge relieve to see her dream big, wake up and make it come true.

“I didn’t get into the film business to be called the best. I got in because I learned to love it and grow in it and make my country proud of her film making talents,” she reveals to us.

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