“I remain the most bullied Cameroonian artist” – Blanche Bailly

blanche bailly

Cyber bullying has been a crime since the introduction of the internet. Now, Cameroonian pop singer, Blanche Bailly has revealed she is also a victim.

The ‘Mimbayeur’ hitmaker reveals in a tweet earlier this week that she believes she is the most bullied artist in Cameroon (erm… wasn’t that Stanley Enow’s position?)

The singer’s shocking tweet comes only days after a picture of her flaunting bigger breasts in a mirror selfie went viral on social media. Fans immediately accused Bailly of getting her boobs done while on a music tour in Europe.

blanche bailly

Blanche Bailly after breast implants

Bailly was once a victim of cyberbullying this year when social media users slammed her breasts in a picture [see photo below] posted on Facebook by popular blogger, Valery Atia back in March. The singer responded with an anti body-shaming message.

blanche bailly

“Body shaming in 2018 from a MAN who himself comes from a WOMAN and probably has SISTERS. Definitely one of the most hilarious thing I’ve seen on the internet lately. Na another form of promo too that I guess. We out here putting in work, doing our best for 237 #NextSingleLoading,” she wrote on Facebook.

However, Blanche Bailly claims the only reason people find pleasure talking about her aka dragging her on the internet is simply because she is a power house.

Then this also happened…


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