Brenda Elung’s AMVCA 2018 outfit shows lack of respect for Cameroonian designers

brenda elung

Popular film producer and actress, Brenda Elung arrived the red carpet for the 2018 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards in Lagos, September 1 as the lone rep from the Cameroon Film Industry but looks like the story behind her outfit left fans and Cameroonian fashion designers completely shook!

Brenda Elung is not only a beautiful and renowned filmmaker but doubles as the Vice Chairman of the Cameroon Film Industry (CFI) who was attending the AMVCAs for the third time. The faces of fans practically lit up immediately she came live on television, September 1, as the only Cameroonian interviewed by the official hosts of the red carpet – Helen Paul and Uti Nwachuckwu. But how/when did that magical moment for Brenda went sour?

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amvca 2018

Brenda Elung stuns at the AMVCA 2018, Lagos

The excitement of seeing a Cameroonian actress at an event hallmarked for drawing the entire continent to celebrate filmmaking and some what, fashion was refreshing. Everyone was eager to hear every single word she had to say, praise every idea of hope she had to beckon towards the growth of the Cameroon entertainment industry and of course praise that local designer who must have made her look even more beautiful on the red carpet.

The actress, who looked gorgeous in her body-hugging gown and natural afro hairstyle did praise the rise of the CFI and film production in Cameroon on live TV. Stressing on the fact that producers are striving to be better each day with their stories. She even revealed to Africans that Cameroon is becoming a strong contender in the film business in Africa and one day hopes to become even stronger.

“I think Nigeria is very prosperous and very dynamic… We’ve been doing lots of collaborations and look forward to merging so we can grow bigger because we are really aspiring, trust me. We want to get Cameroon on the road map… we are on the the road map but we want to get bigger and get to where we are supposed to be.

I’m very proud to represent my country here and I know that by next year, you will be having lots of nominations from Cameroon,” Brenda told the red carpet hosts.

Of course, the AMVCA is 75% about celebrating movie making and filmmakers but when did one sector of entertainment ride solo? The remaining 25% is to highlight the fashion and music industries… and fans knew Brenda, who’s been in showbiz for years, sure understands that.

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amvca 2018

Brenda Elung chats with AMVCA 2018 red carpet hosts Helen Paul and Uti Nwachukwu

When Helen Paul asked the famous question, “who are you wearing?” Many Cameroonians who were watching did wait for that name! That name of the fashion designer who’s carrier was about to change forever! That designer who’s brand name was about to go viral! That designer whom everyone thought was the chosen one to get that “push” he/she had been waiting for to take h/her design to a whole new level. But boy did jaws fell flat, mouths left ajar and eyes grew larger in front of television screens when Brenda told the hosts whom she chose for the night.

“I’m wearing Azito’s New Look… It’s a designer from Russia.. to be precise,” Brenda said with a huge smile on her face when Helen asked her if she was styled by a designer from Nigeria or Cameroon.

“So you went all the way to Russia to pick your stylist?” Helen sarcastically said to the 237 film maker.

Cameroonian fans wasted no time before dragging the film star on social media for choosing to wear a foreign designer when she could’ve simply joined the trend #SupportYourOwn and at least, let the light of a local designer shine through her on a bigger stage.

Here are some of the reaction from fans on Facebook:


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