Samuel Eto’o inaugurates 700 million CFA Pavilion in Douala

samuel etoo pavillon in douala

Samuel Eto’o has inaugurated a 700 million Francs CFA pavilion at the Laquintini hospital in Douala.

The four time African Player of the Year showed up at the induction of the building named the Pavillon Samuel Eto’o Fils in a fitted navy blue colored suit and sky blue tie accompanied his lovely wife, Georgette Eto’o and the Minister of Health Andre Mama Fouda.

samuel etoo pavilon inauguration

Samuel Eto’o inaugurates pavilion at Laquintini hospital, Douala

Speaking at the inauguration, Eto’o told Cameroonians it was a long time plan which is only being realized now after so much negotiations.

Eto’o further assured Cameroonians that the pavilion was neither built for the rich only nor for Francophones but the structure was constructed and meant to be used by all Cameroonians  careless the tribe or region.


Meanwhile on social media, the football legend’s gesture to better the health situation in Cameroon in his own little way was most welcomed.

Samuel Eto'o and wife Georgette

Samuel Eto’o and wife Georgette

Here are some of the comments on Facebook:

“Commendable move by Etoo. Great gesture..”

“Love Eto’o God bless you I love my Cameroon.”

“God will reward him for this gesture. Children are dying in that hospital because of this acute lack of infrastructure and equipment. The incubators are far too less enough to meet demand from the population. We also have this problem of staff and staff training in that institution. Anyway thank you Mr Samuel ETO’O FILS your kind heart will safe the lifes of many. Government your ‘re far lacking and behind.”

“Thumbs up,the best pavilion so far in that hospital.”

Papa Samuel eto’o fils restera tjrs le meilleur footballeur génère sut la terre. Langue vie à toi papa éto’o.”

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